vendredi, octobre 01, 2010

Happy Children's Day, Singapore!

Semoga Bahagia (composed by Zubir Said)

Sama-sama maju ke hadapan
Pandai cari pelajaran
Jaga diri dalam kesihatan
Serta sopan-santun dengan kawan-kawan

Dengan hati bersih serta suci
Sama-sama hormat dan berbudi
Jaga tingkah pemuda-pemudi
Adat dan budaya junjung tinggi

Capailah lekas cita-cita pemudi-pemuda
Supaya kita ada harga di mata dunia

Kalau kita lengah serta lupa
Hidup kita sia-sia
Jiwa besar sihat serta segar
Rajin dengan sabar tentu bahagia

Lemah lembut perangai pemudi
Cergas tangkas wataknya pemuda
Suka rela selalu berbakti
Sikap yang pembela dan berjasa

Capailah nama yang mulia pemudi-pemuda
Rajinlah supaya berjaya semoga bahagia

(source : Wikipedia)

I sang this song every year for Children's Day when I was growing up. And I must have stayed a child for quite a while because I can still hear it in my head today. Never knew what I was singing about (it's in Malay), but I'm sure that it must be something very nice because it was composed by the same guy who composed our national anthem.

SIG reminded us about the song on FB and I started humming it...Oh, my lost childhood!

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One Wheel a dit…

wah, the song bring back memories for me too, remember clearly the tune and the first line sama-sama ... hadapan and mumbled along for the rest of the song :)

rinaz a dit…

You know, I've been trying to find the mp3 of that song for several years now and without success. Instead, I tend to find the one sung by this Singapore Idol winner, which I find didnt have the same charm as the original one.

Its a nice, motivational song. Not much of that around during national day :p

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Precisely, that idol's version was horrible, dunno why had to change it. I only want the traditional version.

In fact this is what you have to do next, Marina, you're going to record/film your own - but watch out, only the original version!

su a dit…

I remembered getting goose bumps every time I sang that song in school. The lyrics are so meaningful. I hated the new remix version too. Hope you are doing well Lotus :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi Su, even your kecil is now besar, how time flies.

Are you still in India or have you returned to Germany?