jeudi, octobre 14, 2010

Steamed Minced Pork on Silken Tofu

Steamed Minced Pork on Silken Tofu (with French Beans)

I have been busy. Like the Queen is English.

Though of course there are different kinds of busy. Like can-be-avoided busy (e.g. having lunch with friends, visiting Margi in Bologna, going to the sauna, learning how to knit with MD, planning holidays to London, Zurich, Shanghai and the French Alps...), cannot-be-avoided-anymore busy (e.g. doing the laundry because we've run out of underwear and socks, shopping for food as one has 6 adults and 8 children to feed in 2 days, making the kids do their homework...) and just-busy busy (aka I-do-not-know-why-I'm-busy busy).

When I was a kid I often wished that I could just sit around and do nothing (especially no cleaning windows every Sunday or doing tonnes of homework everyday). Though now that I am economically unproductive and the kids are at school - I find that sitting around doing nothing is one of the most horrible states in a person's existence.

So keeping busy is necessary even vital. Only some people are more productive in their busyness than others. I'm the sort who has been busy and has nothing much to show for it at the end of the day. Bollywood beauty spends her mornings busy in the gym and she has an hourglass figure to show for it; Me, I'm still fat, the house is still in a mess, the kids are still not brilliant, and my to-do list is so long I've lost track of where to start.

Anyway, I started out the morning booking the hotel for our weekend in Zurich (and I'm close to finalising our coming week in London) and I am just procrastinating on getting the clothes, furniture etc sorted out. We do not yet know for sure (meaning it's still not official) where we'll be going to next, but we do know that we will be leaving Modena in a few months. Hub had made his intention to leave the company known to his hierarchy a few months ago and they have finally approved it the day before. Once they've found someone to replace him, we'll be free to leave. And every one in the family is looking forward to the change - surprisingly.

Before being steamed

When I procrastinate, I cook. Steamed leftover minced pork and prawns from yesterday's dumpling soup on silken tofu. That was for breakfast. Now, what should I cook for lunch?


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Anonyme a dit…

Holiday in Shanghai? Its about time you went to see for yourself how Spore is so forgettable once you have seen mighty Shanghai, even New York City cannot beat it.

Great choice for choosing Shanghai if it becomes a reality. Still remembered my working trip to Shanghai 9 years ago where the pollution was so bad that my colleague warned us that our facial cotton will be smeared black. She was so right!

But oh the buzz, so much sheer energy & vitality in Shanghai, any thing & everything is happening there.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Well, I've never been to China, not to mention Shanghai so it'll definitely be an eye-opening trip.

Winter is probably not the best time to visit, but we do not have much choice here.