dimanche, octobre 17, 2010

Foie Gras and Porcini Raviolis with Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Foie Gras and Porcini Raviolis with Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Hub's last words before he went to bed last evening were, "Those foie gras & porcini raviolis were really delicious...".

And he woke up this morning saying more or less the same thing. It is interesting how something as simple and easy to make as Foie Gras and Porcini Raviolis with Aged Balsamic Vinegar should make such an impression on my dear Hub. A pleasure for the cook, of course.

I had 6 adults and 8 children to feed last evening which was nothing new nor exceptional since I have been doing dinners of this size, see bigger, for a few years now. No, I do not have any domestic help and I cook everything myself. The only thing I lack is a huge fridge/freezer. I also wish that I have a larger reception. Hopefully this would be rectified in the next house we rent.

Foie Gras and Porcini Raviolis (makes 24) :

180g foie gras (cuit or demi-cuit)
3 fresh porcini mushrooms (cleaned)
2 tbsp sauternes wine
salt and pepper to taste

24 fresh won ton wrappers
dense porcini-infused broth (for poaching the raviolis)
aged balsamic vinegar of Modena

Slice the foie gras into approx. 3x1 cm slices. Slice the porcini into small cubes.

Marinate the porcini with the sauternes, salt and pepper for 15-20 minutes.

Fill each won ton wrapper with foie gras and porcini. Seal them making sure that there are no air pockets.

Bring the porcini-infused broth to a boil. You can use a stock cube or make one yourself using dried porcini. Lower the heat to medium-low and poach the raviolis 4 at a time. You just need to cook the wrapper so the cooking time is really very short.

Gently fish out the porcini & foie gras raviolis and arrange them on a plate. Drizzle aged balsamic vinegar over them and serve immediately. You'll need at least 4 raviolis per person as a starter.

PS : This was the ugliest ravioli. I kept it just for the photo and it was unfortunately torn before the poaching.

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