vendredi, octobre 01, 2010

Babinou Practising with Iron 7

I finally retrieved this video from Babinou's golf instructor. I've been hearing so much about it and only accidentally saw it a few months ago when the instructor showed it to an adult female golfer he was instructing. And I happened to be walking past (and caught the boy's name).

My youngest son is apparently a little star in the golf club. He started playing a few months ago and we were told almost immediately that he's a natural in the sport. He has a good swing, listens carefully to his instructor and is serious about practice. He has also started playing 9 holes with his dad and older brother. He consistently made a par at a particular hole last weekend - whatever that means.

We will have to live near a golf course no matter where we move to. The boys love the sport and both are playing well. Hub said that he's improving his game thanks to the Teenager's tips. The latter spends his free time watching golf videos on YouTube.

I must say that I'm happy that the children like golf. It's a sport that requires one to respect rules, practise hard, work on strategy and spend time outdoors. And the company one keeps playing golf is usually of a higher standard than if one should be playing football, for example.

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Muriel a dit…

What do you mean better compagny than football? LOL Serene, one thinks it, but one do not write it. What has gotten in you to have become so snob?

I think Babinou will be good any sport. He is well proportioned and very coordinated for a child of his age.
I do not like Golf, (neither football BTW). First as you say it is snob, second it is not a "sport", more a game, third you developp just one side of your body. Make sure that Babinou does lots of swimming to develop his body symetrically ...

Sports are swimming, athletism, cycling, triathlon etc... real sports.

I am happy your children have a passion or interest. It makes their life so much better when one has a direction.

Muriel a dit…

Yes yes spelling and grammar mistakes. it was " ones DOES not write it".

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Dear, this blog is my online diary if you wish. I write what I want. And let's not be hypocritical, it's usually not the same kind of people who frequent a golf course and a football club. Though the Teenager has played football in 3 different clubs (5-6 years) in France and Germany when he was younger. So I definitely know what I'm talking about.

I try to get them to try different things anyway, so depending on what is available where we live, they'll get to do different activities.

I will not enter into what is sport, since I've no thoughts on the subject, but you'll know more than me since you're an active person :-)

I certainly hope that they'll have some passion in their lives, unlike their poor mother...

Muriel a dit…

What I do not understand is why you make yourself sound like a snobby person. You are much nicer, kinder person in real life. As you wrote it is your personal online dairy, so you are free to write whatever pleases you, boh? hunching shoulders à la Française.

You are a passionate person, otherwise you would not be so opiniated LOL ^-^

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Mu, by the way, are you still not eating or will you join us when we go to Bologna to visit the market and have lunch there?