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Porcini Won Tons on Udon Noodles

Porcini Won Tons on Udon Noodles

You may have guessed it, it's mushroom season again! The fridge is full of fresh porcini and chanterelles, I have bought them by the kilo, and my mind is occupied with visions of delicate little dishes that I could make them with.

Spent last evening making chocolate brownie and this morning baking curry puffs for the Teenager's birthday celebration at school. He turns 14 tomorrow and for once we've decided not to organise a party. Last year I spent a fortune on his birthday and while it is true that everyone had a great time, it was alot of work and let's face it, some of the presents were crap. He has decided that we should save the money and travel to London to buy him a really good present instead. Fine by me.

I love porcini. And I know that I have to keep things simple with this delicate mushroom in order not to overpower it. Hub said that some varieties need to be cooked or they could poison, a pity as I like eating them raw too. In any case, porcini should not be handled roughly, but keep an eye on the worms nonetheless, they love the mushroom too. :-)

For lunch this afternoon I made myself Porcini Won Tons on Udon Noodles. They were simple and lovely, I would recommend trying them whether you are vegetarian or not. But they are best made with fresh porcini. That's the idea.

Porcini Won Tons on Udon Noodles (serves 1) :

dry udon noodles for 1
vegetable stock
fresh won ton wrappers
2 small fresh porcini mushrooms (cleaned and cubed)
fresh coriander leaves (chopped)
1 tsp light soy sauce
2 tsp dry sherry
good pinch of ground black pepper
1 tsp roasted minced garlic

I would cook the udon in vegetable stock to give it more flavour. The vegetable stock could be store-bought or home-made. In the case of the latter, adding some dried porcini to the stock as you are making it could be a good idea.

Mix the fresh porcini and the rest of the ingredients together and fill the won ton wrappers with it. Cook a few of them each time in the boiling vegetable stock, fish out and set aside.

Serve the porcini won tons on top of the cooked udon noodles, pouring a bit of the vegetable stock over it. Best eaten hot.

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