lundi, octobre 18, 2010

Porridge with Chestnuts and Raspberries

Oat Porridge with Roasted Chestnuts and Fresh Raspberries

I love porridge. Whether it be made with rice or oats. Though I only eat it sweet if it's not made with rice.

I've been roasting chestnuts now that it's Autumn and is getting really cold. The fat is starting to stock up on top of the layers that I already have and I had a craving for breakfast this morning when I usually couldn't bear the thought of eating anything sweet early in the day.

Made Oatmeal Porridge with Roasted Chestnuts and Fresh Raspberries.

1 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
4-5 tbsp quaker oats
a pinch of salt
enough milk to cover the oats

peeled roasted chestnuts
fresh raspberries

Microwave the oats with the condensed milk, milk and salt till the oats are cooked. It took less than 2 minutes in my oven. Cover if you do not want it to splutter.

Stir well and top with roasted chestnuts and fresh raspberries.

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ann low a dit…

This sounds so delicious and healthy. Love that you have added with fresh raspberries, so pretty!