jeudi, septembre 30, 2010

Pasta al Pomodoro Fresco

Pasta al Pomodoro Fresco

I was reminding the kids this morning when we were driving to school that they must remember to be polite and considerate no matter where they are and who they are with, meaning hang on to the basic please, thank you and excuse me. Then I arrived at Lidl just before they opened for the day (they are selling knitting needles this week) and stood behind a lady cross-stitching as she waited with more than a dozen people for the doors to open.

That needle looked dangerous seen from behind her so I decided to stand in front of her. That got her all upset and she pushed me so that she could stand in front of me. And she was around my age, so honestly I felt that she had no excuse for being low class.

Seriously, things in Lidl are cheaper than elsewhere, but they are not free. Why would anyone want to fight to get in there? Days like this, I get really pissed off mixing with the popular masses. They really do tend to disappoint and make me more snobbish than I ought to be. Goodness, I couldn't help thinking, if only she knew who I was...

Babinette is home today with a cough. She's quite fine except that she didn't sleep well because of the coughing and I knew that she wanted her share of staying at home when she's under the weather (her 2 brothers having had "their turns" a few weeks ago). She discreetly asked me last evening if I would be busy the next day and I knew she was really asking if I wouldn't be too busy to object to her staying at home...

First you boil the fresh pasta, drain it, stir-fry quickly in olive oil with garlic and dry chilli flakes

Serve with fresh cherry tomatoes that have been marinated for a few hours in olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs

To make it worth her while, I have made her a simple Pasta al Pomodoro Fresco for lunch. Remember the Bruschetta and Tomato Tart that I made not too long ago? It's basically just marinated fresh tomatoes that I added to fresh pasta that has been lightly cooked in garlic and chilli olive oil, served with fresh basil and rosemary leaves.

Version where you also cook the tomatoes - but quickly - delicious

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