mercredi, septembre 22, 2010

Homemade Silken Egg Tofu

Homemade Silken Egg Tofu

I am sick of driving almost an hour to Reggio Emilia to buy silken tofu when it's possible to make one myself. Especially when you can easily, since about a year or 2 ago, find soy bean milk in the organic sections of most supermarkets here. No need to make soy bean milk oneself like I used to. And since I am into making steamed egg custards lately, steaming my own Silken Egg Tofu follows quite naturally.

Left JW's lovely coffee morning earlier than the other ladies because I've eaten up almost all of her yummy cheese scones and wanted to return home to make my tofu. There was a really good turnout as usual and it was nice catching up with so many friends whom I've not seen since the end of the last school year. And eat those yummy cheese scones, of course.

KB was at the coffee morning with her pooris (I ate at least 3 of them). And may I announce to the whole world the happy news that she's pregnant? There are so many pregnant mums at the school this year, I'm trying to remember which animal's year it would be in 2011...and so it'll be the year of the lucky rabbit. I personally hope that it'll be a girl. She'll be gorgeous with her mum's enormous light-colored eyes. Maybe India's future Miss World? Fancy me being able to tell the whole world then that I knew her mum...OK, I'm off daydreaming as usual.

I also spent the afternoon shopping on the Net. Bought a set of pots from BergHoff with Hub's permission (he was surprised that I asked him though) and some clothes and accessories from a few different websites. I'm trying to save the bulk of my shopping for when we go to London in October, but you can imagine that I'm having some difficulty stopping myself. Will go check Bologna out tomorrow and meet Margi at the same time. So long no see...

Homemade Silken Egg Tofu (1 portion) :

1 egg
120ml unsweetened soy bean milk (choose the one with the highest percentage of soy beans)
a pinch of salt***

Bring some water to a boil in a wok.

In the meantime, beat the egg in a large bowl and pour in the soy milk. Add the salt. Mix well.

Filter the egg mixture into a porcelain ramequin and set it on a rack in the wok to be steamed. Make sure that the boiling water doesn't touch the ramequin.

Lower the heat and cover the wok, leaving a small gap for some steam to escape.

Steam for 7-20 minutes depending on the heat and the number of ramequins in the wok. Remember that if the heat is too high you will get a pockmarked egg tofu.

The egg tofu should be smooth, silky but firm.

Season the egg tofu as you wish, eat it in the ramequin or tip the tofu onto a plate to be served as you wish : steamed, in soups, stir-fried or fried. Yes, it's firm enough to be fried unlike most silken tofus.

***You can also substitute some of the soy bean milk with some chicken stock. Or heat the soy milk beforehand with some chicken stock granules. But cool it before mixing with the egg to make the tofu.

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曉安 a dit…

This is one of my favorite dishes, and I can only get it right 1 out of 10 times. I will try your recipe and see if I can finally get it right. Thanks!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi J, try it and let me know if it works. The soy milk you will use is important as it'll affect the taste of the tofu. Remember to watch the heat.

Joyti a dit…

Wow, that sounds AMAZING! Homemade tofu, how wonderful!

Big boys Oven a dit…

I love this type of egg tofu, it's terrific!

MaryMoh a dit…

My family love this. I need to cook a big dish in order that I have a share :D