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Degusta La Morra and Osteria Veglio

A selection of the wines in the Cantina Comunale de la Morra

From the town of La Morra in the Cuneo, you'll be able to see a sea of vines many of them nebbiolo grapes destined for the making of Barolo wines also known as "the King of wines and the wine of Kings".

View from the Osteria

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Tajarin al ragu

Tajarin ai funghi porcini

Tagliata di vitello fassone

Crema Catalan

We were there on our last day in the Piedmont, starting out with lunch in the Osteria Veglio - a small restaurant run by Chef Franco Gioelli just outside the old town of La Morra, with a splendid view of the Barolo vines around. The cuisine is traditional Piedmontese with a modern touch, accompanied by a rather interesting wine list. The men had 2 bottles of very good Barbera d'Alba 2006 from Cantina Cavallotto. The food was very good if a little small portion-wise and quite expensive. The place was also not very child-friendly (like most Italian restaurants - no matter how much they were supposed to like children) and clearly had no idea as to how to feed them or help us keep them happy.

The highlight of the visit however was the afternoon spent in the heart of town tasting and buying wine. September 5 was Degusta La Morra Day. From 14 to 19h 2 streets in the village were opened to the wine-loving public, giving it a chance to meet more than 40 wine producers from the area, to discuss and taste their wines : Barolo, Barbera d'Alba and d'Asti, Barbaresco, Dolcetto d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barolo Chinato...

All the wines in the area can be purchased in the cooperative

You smell before you taste

You pay 5 euros for a wine glass and a pouch and you are set to drink as much as you want/can in the street. We were going to drive home just after so of course we didn't abuse. I tasted only the expensive Barolo wines that I like very much, finding some of them quite similar to the Burgundy wines. Then we went to the Cantina Comunale de la Morra and bought a dozen or so bottles of the good stuff, loaded the car and left. A few cantinas that we would recommend include Renato Ratti, Erbaluna (Organic wines), Oddero and Cordero di Montezemolo. If you have the money, go for Renato Ratti's Barolo Rocche and eventually Conca. The former, even quite young (e.g. 2006), already tasted very lovely. It can only taste better forgotten in the cellar for another decade if not more.

View from the park in La Morra

Osteria Veglio
Frazione Annunziata, 9
La Morra (CN)
Tel : 0173 509341

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