jeudi, septembre 16, 2010

Longan Konnyaku Jelly Cream Cake

Longan Konnyaku Jelly Cream Cake

I was at the clinic in Formigine this morning to renew our annual subscription to the public health service. There was a long queue as usual and worst of all was the noise. The Italians like to stand together to chat. It got so bad even the civil servants couldn't take it anymore and their representative came out of the office to ask the waiting clients to either disperse or move away from the counters to chat. She could also have told them to lower their voices when they discourse, there is no need for everyone else to follow all the on-goings in their lives. They should start a blog like me, no noise and you don't have to visit if you don't want to.

I was told that if I renew our subscriptions next year (which our 5th year here), we'll get our public health cards for good. Wow.

It is such a pity since I have every intention to be packed and gone by then. Bye bye free health service for life.

Anyway, I decided to check out the gynaecologist upstairs. To make an appointment you have to queue up, of course, and there were only 4 women before me. I waited, believe it or not, one hour for my turn! What the hell did those women do to need so much time each to make an appointment? Especially when I only took five minutes when I finally had my turn???

From the look of what was happening in the waiting area, they probably yakked with the secretary when they were in the room. Shared their lives with her. Dolce vita even when making an appointment to see the gynae. Time is money, haven't they heard that? My appointment is in 1.5 months. One had better not be in a hurry. Actually I do not understand why I would need to wait so long. In the one hour I was there, the gynae had only seen one client (for like 10 minutes). Her secretary had more business than her.

Over here you get convocated for your PAP test every three years. If you catch the virus in-between you would be long dead and buried/cremated before the next appointment. Mine is scheduled for next year. The next time I return to Singapore I'm going for a total health check-up - and I'll pay for it myself.

Made a Longan Konnyaku Cream Cake the other day. The Babies are usually not too hot about my cakes, but they each had a few slices of this one. It contained longans, cream and jelly - 3 things that they like very much.

Bake a sponge cake and slice it into 2

Sandwich cream and longans in between

Place longans on top of the cake and pour konnyaku jelly over

Remove the mould after the jelly and cream have set

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SL a dit…

It's the same where I am (UK) - a papsmear test every 3 years.

Also, so much for free healthcare (you don't pay to see the doctor, only for the prescription) on the NHS, you can never get to see the doctor on the same day where I live, unless there is a cancellation on the same day.

On top of it all, the last time I went, I was literally shoo-ed out after 10 mins and was told that if I needed a consultation for more than one ailment, I will need to book either a 'double' or a 'triple' appointment, as an appointment only lasts as long (or short) as 10mins.

After all the tax I pay, this is rubbish.

I miss Singapore. Where I pay (gladly) for a doctor's service, where I can go on the same day that I am ill and not get shoo-ed out before I am through.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

When I was in Paris and in Stuttgart, the PAP test was annual. So I guess, I couldn't accept this 3-year delay. It doesn't make sense, the virus is deadly, we need the PAP test on a yearly basis.

In both France and Germany, I never had to wait too long for an appointment and you were given around 20 minutes for each consultation. If more time is needed, it will be accorded. On this Italy is fine though, they are impatient, but never in a hurry.

I remember the one ultrasound I had done in Singapore many years ago and it was amazing the patience the specialist had with me, taking a long time to get the scans done, to point things out to me. And ditto for the gynae when he was explaining the ultrasound results to me, his bedside manner was excellent. All that for less than what you would pay in Europe in general. I also go to a dentist back home and she was better than any of the dentists I've been to in Europe, very pro and high-tech and never in a hurry.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover a dit…

your cake sound really delicious, thought my kids will like this cake too.

SL a dit…


Don't even get me started on the NHS dentist. They are even more precious than gold dust. Even though everyone's entitled to go to one (a whole whole lot cheaper than private), you have to find one first!!!

The one that I went to previously (before I moved) was an NHS dentist - service was rushed, abrupt and half-hearted. 8 mins checkup. Cleaning/Scaling was considered an additional service at £45 per half hour. For this you have to book to see a hygienist - the dentist refuses to do this for you.

I have had no choice but to go private - but I am still paying tax which I'm told 'goes to free healthcare which everyone is entitled to'.

Some time ago, my husband had to have his dressing (from a minor procedure) removed - went to the doctors' but was told the doctor couldn't do it!! He had to go the A&E outpatient to get a nurse to do it! The doctor also couldn't take a blood sample. A phlebotomist (sp?) had to do it.


PS. I have following your blog for about 2 years now and enjoy reading your insights and experiences of a singaporean living in europe.

Shirley @ Kokken69 a dit…

I am really amused by your account of the talkative Italians... I can imagine their fiesty conversation complete with emphatic hand gestures.... Your cake is really an interesting creation!