lundi, septembre 13, 2010

Antibes, France

Our cold seafood platter

I promise that this will be the last post on my Summer in the South of France, after all all good things have to come to an end. Though we actually thought that we were better off at home, the pool at the golf being much prettier (and exclusive) than the one at the holiday village and my bathroom alone is bigger than our hotel room.

Mayonnaise and red wine vinegar to go with the oysters

We stopped by in Antibes on our way back from Bormes-les-Mimosas. Lunch was provided at the holiday village on that last day, but we couldn't stomach another meal there, preferring to pay ourselves a decent lunch instead. Hub had a craving for seafood so he found us a restaurant in Antibes for that.

It was a chic seafront restaurant known as Albert 1er. We had an enormous cold seafood platter that was fresh (except for one-half of a crab) and beautifully presented, while the Babies had Tartare and steak. The platter was very expensive, but since we haven't had seafood like that for a while, it was quite worth it.

Henri-Edmond Cross's painting of old Antibes

Old Antibes seen from outside

Antibes looked really pretty the little we've seen of it. They have a Picasso and an Absinthe Museum that I would have loved to visit if we hadn't been in such a hurry to return home.

The raw oyster eater

Restaurant Albert 1er
46 Bd Albert 1er
06600 Antibes
Tel : 04 93 34 33 54

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Pris a dit…

What a gorgeous seafood platter!!!! WOw! I don't eat raw oysters but WOW!!! Antibes is sooo beautiful, went there last year.... so wish I can go to Southern France again!!! ITs sooo cold here!