jeudi, septembre 09, 2010

Beynac, Périgord Noir, France

Château de Beynac

I didn't grow up in France and have little inkling about its History or Geography. I caught bits and pieces here and there when I was doing my Post-Grad in Paris, or when I am with Hub's family, but I guess that I hadn't been interested enough to have the knowledge deepened.

I was therefore caught by surprise when I read that the Dordogne was the border between France and England during the Hundred Years' War. Beynac, for example, was French while the neighbouring Castelnaud was in English hands.

But then all that was no thanks to the Kings who ruled both countries, in fact all those royal families in Europe were more or less related to each other in some way, complicating things in the process. And I find it difficult sorting them out because they were often all Charles, Henry or Richard.

Beynac's medieval castle is one of the best-preserved and better-known castles in the region. The nicely-restored castle could be visited, but the tickets were quite expensive (especially when you have 3 kids who wouldn't be interested). However, a walk through its little village was worth the while, with spectacular views of the river and valley from above.

Isn't this beautiful?

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