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Tim Sum @ Royal China Queensway

Royal China Queensway, London

On our last day in London, I set out after breakfast to shop for some clothes for Baby Girl at Whiteleys next door. Went back to the hotel to finish packing up and check out and then brought the Teenager to Royal China Queensway for a tim sum lunch.

ES and her boy travelled to London with us, but we had to go our separate ways most of the time because we wanted to do/see different things, eat different food in different places. I apologise that I couldn't compromise, but I am someone who knows what I want and I do not change my mind easily. People who know me will know that I am particular about what I eat. There is so much choice when it comes to cuisines and restaurants in London and food is an important part of the travel experience where I'm concerned.

The queues were very long at Royal China Queensway the last few times I wanted to have tim sum there. Probably because I was there during the weekend. This time I was there in the week and managed to get a table very quickly. Finally.

Royal China Steamed Rice Rolls

There was a cheaper tim sum restaurant in the same street, but the Teenager said that he wanted to eat at the more comfortable and expensive one. Since we've been deprived of tim sum in Modena, I was more than ready to indulge.

Scallop dumplings, Char siu pau

The interior of the restaurant reminded me of some of the posher tim sum restaurants in Singapore - dimly-lit, calm, more measured in pace. We were served jasmine tea and I ordered as many dishes as I thought we could eat : Abalone & Pork Rice Congee, Har Gow, Shiu Mai, Royal China Rice Rolls, Pork Ribs, Scallop Dumplings, Fried Crispy Duck Rolls, Char Siu Pau...

Shiu mai

Like I said we were deprived of tim sum in Modena so I was really excited about the food. But somehow I didn't find the tim sum there exceptional. Everything looked really fine and tasty - but I just felt that they lacked oomph. The char siu pau was smiling, soft and fluffy; but I detected a chemical taste in the bun that somehow flattened the overall taste.

Har gow

The scallop dumplings were tasteless. The abalone congee on the other hand was very delicate and tasty - but lacked consistency. If I had known I would have stuck to traditional BBQ Pork or Prawn Rice Rolls - for the Royal China Rice Rolls were filled with a lump of minced beef/prawns/pork that tasted like rubber. Pity as the rice roll itself and the accompanying sauce were lovely.

Fried Rolls filled with Crispy Duck

The fried crispy duck rolls were delicious though I couldn't really work out what exactly went to fill them besides the duck. The pork ribs were smooth and nicely-cooked, with a nice balance of fat, one of the best I've tasted - my favourite dish of the meal.

Steamed Pork Ribs with Fermented Black Beans

Having said that, the Teenager was happy with his lunch, the tim sum at Royal China was still superior to the stuff served in Chinese restaurants on the Continent (if you should find any) and we were grateful to be able to eat some tim sum after all. I'll have to give the Royal China Club a try the next time, or check out more recommendations for tim sum elsewhere in London.

I took away some roast meats from Gold Mine for the Hub on our way to the airport. We've had a good trip thanks partly to purchasing power provided by the breadwinner, so of course we must show him some appreciation. :-)

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