dimanche, juillet 04, 2010

English BBQ Party

BBQ on the terrace with view of the valley

I've known LS for 3 years now and have never been invited to her slum quarters before yesterday. Nothing personal on her part though since she had been living on a work site up in the hills of Levizzano for 2 of those years. When the invitation came for an English BBQ party last evening, I dragged the Hub (who only wanted to play golf and swim in the pool) along by the ear - since I would need him to navigate up those infamously narrow and steep slopes.

Back of the house

It was well worth the danger along the way. The view was magnificent up there and the company charming. The house is now almost fully-renovated and is beautifully and tastefully-done both inside and out. In fact, JoW and I were saying that we should invite ourselves to a retreat up in the hills just for LS' beautiful bath tub...She could babysit while I cook.

LS playing the parking warden in her white summer dress

The bathrooms and ceramic tiles were lovely, the wooden flooring and beams just the way I like them and she even has a chef's kitchen American fridge included! Though I would have gone for gas instead of induction - you can't wield magic with a wok when it's not on gas.

The chicken curry - my contribution

We were the only non-English around. Though I knew almost everybody actually (almost everyone's from Ferrari and/or the school). EiS came back from Scotland for a visit and I got to admire Sue's recent wedding photos - I just love looking at wedding photos (especially when we have almost none). The Teenager had a lucky escape - having decided to stay put with the MIL - because his form mistress was part of the party! I discovered that he has more homework than he had let on though - and will follow up on that accordingly. I should start socialising with the teachers...

Lovely small terrace leading out of the master bathroom

We had hamburgers and grilled sausages, everyone has brought something savoury or sweet and there were lots to drink.

Front of the house

The kids had a great time playing with their friends and the only thing missing was a pool - it was another hot day, we were all melting...

All in all, a lovely way to spend the late afternoon. Wish I had remembered to take a few pictures of the magazine-worthy interior. Not sure that I would know how to find my way back to that bath tub without the Hub though.

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