mercredi, juillet 21, 2010

Happy 60th, Mum!

Mum's 60th Birthday Cake from Cupcake Fantasies

No, I didn't make this gorgeous cake myself - have no idea what sugar crafting is, playdough isn't my thing either - and mum's still in Singapore. I had the honour of having my cake order accepted by Cupcake Fantasies managed by Edith of Precious Moments for my mum's 60th birthday. Thank you, Edith.

I have asked for a pool theme because mum has started learning how to swim only recently. Fancy doing that only when you were nearing 60. All my life I have never seen mum in a pool (unless it was just to sit in the very shallow end) and I honestly never thought that it would happen. But you know that we should never say never.

She joined a swimming class with my brother's MIL and they have been bitten by the swimming bug ever since. Which is great as it gives them good exercise and something that they can do all year round in Singapore. Learning how to swim is therefore mum's most recent major achievement as she celebrated her 60th birthday and I hope that she would be very happy and healthy as she dives into her next decade of existence.

I've send Edith a photo of my mum and told her that mum could be in a red swimsuit with a skirt as that was what she would buy if she should come across a swimsuit like that :-). The rest, Edith has designed on her own and I'm sure you'll agree that the result was fantastic. Cake looked too good (and too sweet) to be eaten.

Happy 60th Birthday, Mum!!!

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