dimanche, juillet 25, 2010

Poolside Party at the Golf Club

Poolside party at the Modena Golf and Country Club

Hub attended the poolside party at the Modena Golf & Country Club last Summer with his (Brad Pitt lookalike) best friend SB and raved about it, saying that it was fabulous and that we had to go for it this Summer too. So when our German friends the Ls asked if we would be going we decided to sign up for it together.

Our table was at the other end

The setting, I must say, was lovely, even magical. There were 250 guests at the party last night and a live band. We were greeted with drinks and finger food at a buffet table before dinner (sit-down) started. Many of the men were in jackets (but not Hub) and the women were nicely decked out - though nothing like the women we usually see in Ferrari dinners. The average age is also higher here, we must be among the younger people around. I was in my new silk Monsoon dress, new Moschino leather clutch and equally new Ferragamo heeled sandals. And I was thinking as the night progressed that 400-euro or not, my feet still hurt in them. And I was seated most of the time.

Drinks and finger food

We shared our table with 8 strangers (6 women and 2 men) who knew each other (they were either related or lawyer colleagues) and our table was situated at the very end of the pool - a blessing as this also meant that we were furthest from the loudspeakers. It was a little awkward at the beginning as the 4 of us would stick to ourselves and speak only in English, but as the night went on we managed to make conversation with the rest of the table and they turned out to be quite funny and interesting. Only problem was that half the women smoked - and they did so at the table without asking anybody for permission.

A table setting with free golf ball, cream samples and chance to win a holiday in a lucky draw

The food and music were so-so that evening. KL looked bored the whole evening and didn't even dance - amazing as everybody knows that she loves to dance. We had a cold seafood rice dish to start, followed by pasta, an overcooked pork and fried seafood. Dessert was served buffet-style (not bad if still a little frozen) and there was also coffee, (very good) ice cream and after-dinner alcohol. Water and wine were à volonté.

Lovely setting and evening, but average food. Good occasion to put on something new though. If we had been more organised, we could have tried to gather more friends and make up our own table. Things would probably look up then.

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