samedi, juillet 24, 2010

A Few Headlines from Ferrari

Photo taken from the press release
That for once had nothing to do with the F1 pilots.

This was the 3rd year running that Hub took charge of the Podio Ferrari. Family and friends have wondered what it was so when Hub showed the kids a link to an official write-up on the event, I decided to post it to save me repeating myself. At the bottom of the press release, there's also a link to an official video of the event. Those of you who know Hub may be able to spot him in it!

Basically it was an award ceremony (mistake spotted in the write-up : it's no longer annual since 2008, it's now biennial) for its Best Partners and Suppliers.

I've also found a press write-up on the Summer (Day) Camp that the kids would be attending next week. We were joking that the company's using our bonus (that they wouldn't give us citing the crisis) to partly finance the camp. Would be a pity not to try it out.

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Sylvain a dit…

Waoh, smahing event!

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Did you bring your iPad to the pool?