samedi, juillet 31, 2010

Hub's Red Fiat Nuova 500

Fiat Nuova 500

Hub got his brand new Fiat Cinque Cento a few days ago. And this time round it's red with metallic chrome wing mirrors. And the usual sun roof, leather seats etc. Quite a stunner.

The chrome wing mirrors

The Babies were really excited about it. They love red and couldn't wait to ride in their dad's new car.

The interior

We waited an extra week before collecting the new car as I had filled up the "old " (well, it was only a year old) car's tank and Hub wanted me to use up the diesel before trading it in. I made a deal with him, promising to drive far away - to shop. That was how I found myself in Bologna, Reggio nell'Emilia, Parma etc in the same week. Well, mission accomplished.

Side view

Sometimes I wonder if he'd realised that in order not to loose that 40 euros' worth of petrol he had sent me off to literally spend thousands. Haha.

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