dimanche, juillet 11, 2010

Damiani Tahiti and Akoya Pearl Earrings

1cm Tahiti, 0.4cm Akoya, 18K White Gold Earrings from Damiani

Some of you may remember me sitting next to one of the Damiani heirs at the World Premiere of the 458 Italia last September. And as fate would have it, I was wearing man-made (albeit expensive) Misaki pear-shaped pearl earrings next to a jewellery expert during the dinner. A bit awkward as you may be able to imagine.

I have set things right this morning. Bought myself a pair of 18K White Gold Tahiti and Akoya Pearl Earrings from the house of Damiani.

Hub was cool about it, said if that was what I was looking for...He then accidentally asked if I owned something from Bvlgari and I took the opportunity to whine abit - that no, I don't. Not yet. He didn't react, I think that my answer zapped past him, he was already back in his work. This week he's in charge of Ferrari's Podio.

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