jeudi, juillet 22, 2010

Gardaland Revisited for the 3rd Year Running...

The 4 of us on the Colorado Boat ride

Gardaland is at the moment the nastiest 9-letter word that I can think of. I may even develop an allergy for it. I am sure that I've reached my threshold of tolerance for this Italian amusement park and I suspected that when I nearly picked up the Gardaland Compilation 2010 cd in the shop - so that I could throw it on the floor and trample on it. Who in their right mind would want to listen to music from Gardaland after more than 7 visits to that place in 3 years?

Baby Girl with Prezzemolo (or Parsley) the Gardaland Mascot

Actually its theme song is still ringing in my ears. It's a good park, but we've enough of it, 3 times in just 3 months this year, it's time to move on. Even Baby Boy knew his way around the park now. It was very very hot the 2 days we were there, we had to keep wetting ourselves with water so that we would not roast. At 4pm on the 2nd day, we all agreed that we couldn't take it anymore and decided to skip the night closure (we used to stay till midnight at Disneyland Paris) and go jump literally into lake Garda. Ahhh...that was a good decision. Actually we were also thoroughly sick of the bad and expensive junk food in the park.

Next time we'll check out Movieland next to it or Mirabilandia at Ravenna. Or no park at all, for the moment I really couldn't stomach the thought of another visit to an amusement park - especially with those 3 monsters kids.

First thing I did this morning, I signed up my darlings for a week at the Ferrari Summer (Day) Camp. Hub didn't tell me that this thing existed till a few days ago. It's childcare organised by the company for all of its employees' children aged 7-14 and next week will be the last. Well, better late then never, I guess. I can only hope now that they will accept to stay there and not cry to come home after a few hours.

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Pris a dit…

Oh I lurvvvve theme parks too! :) You're one adventurous Mom!!! And looks like your kids love life on the fast lane too!