jeudi, juillet 29, 2010

Family Dinner at the Ferrari Summer Camp

Ferrari's Summer Camp for Children

They have decided, at the Ferrari Summer Camp, to offer dinner last evening to the children and their families. Hub wasn't keen to attend, but I insisted that it would be good to mingle with the others. I was curious to see how the other families looked like.

Photos were put up for the families' admiration

"Dinner" at the camp - behind the Maranello Church

Hub said that it wasn't as if he hadn't warned me. "Dinner" consisted of the usual dry and greasy Modenese fast food of gnocco fritto, cured ham, piadina, (thick) pizza and some sort of risotto that I hadn't dared to taste. And you had to literally push through the crowd to grab your food. I took a bite of the gnocco fritto, called Hub and told him to bring us out to dinner. But looking around me, everyone seemed quite happy though. We are spoilt, I guess.

Getting ready for the show

There was a performance by the children to follow the meal, but we skipped it. Mine didn't want to participate and the music was too loud. They showed a video with pictures of the children playing in the camp and during visits to different places and many of the boys (young and older) played football all evening.

One of the good things about this week at the camp was that the kids got to have a ride on the Fiorano tracks, and the Teenager met a boy around his age (M) who happens to be AS's eldest boy (who doesn't go to the ISM). They seemed to have hit it off quite well.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Summer Camp.

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Anonyme a dit…

And how was the camp? Great to improve their Italian, I suppose. Ms.E will be very proud of you.
We are up in the mountain...but soon heading to the beach. Take care.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

They enjoyed the camp, being with other kids etc, but it was maybe a little long for them since they were not used to being away from me for so many hours each day when there is no school.

They also said that some of the girls in charge of the camp screamed alot. :-)

But I'm happy they got to speak some Italian or at least hear it being spoken.

Enjoy your holidays, see you when school starts.