samedi, juillet 10, 2010

Giardino dei Tigli

View of the surroundings from Giardino dei Tigli

The Cs brought Hub to this restaurant up in the hills one evening last Summer when I was away with the children. Since then he has always wanted to bring us there, and he did so 2 weeks ago when his family was around (I was away in London though). The air was cool, the view of the surrounding hills and valley breathtaking and the food was very good.

It's called Giardino dei Tigli situated in the little village of San Venanzio di Maranello (MO) and it's almost impossible to get a table if you didn't think to reserve in advance. Not to mention almost impossible to park if you turn up late, it was fortunate that it was Hub who was driving. He brought us there this evening as MIL really enjoyed the food there - and she's a very picky eater.

MIL parmi les tilleuls

The tables were set among rows and rows of trees and there was a little swing for children on the side. The waiting staff when we were there was probably holiday replacements or temporary help, but you go there for the food and surroundings, not the service.

We saw huge platters of Gnocco fritto moving around when we arrived and they do seem to be quite popular with the patrons. Hub ordered a few that they ate with Ciccioli which is obtained from the compressing, drying, and aging of fatty leftover pieces of pork - a specialty of our region. I personally think that this meat looks quite disgusting, but the rest of the family obviously doesn't think so. Anyway I wouldn't touch it.

Grilled Bell Peppers

Grilled Mushrooms

The highlight of the meal was the meat. Either filetto all'aceto balsamico (that the Teenager and the MIL had) or the grilled Fiorentina al sangue served with a few plates of grilled Peppers, mushrooms, French fries etc. The Fiorentina was extra. Very very tender and tasty, we finished all 900g of it. Needless to say, not a place to dine in if you're vegetarian. And the boy who was telling me on the way there about how cows fart all the time polluting the environment ate his whole filetto and a part of our fiorentina.

The Fiorentina

We came home to Envoyé Spécial. They were showing a documentary on ecotourism in Uzbekistan and another on how most sun creams destroy the environment (e.g. marine life) and create malformations in young children. Scary : do you want to risk skin cancer or genital malformations? Or not go into the sun at all?

Giardino dei Tigli
Via Abetone Superiore 209
San Venanzio di Maranello (MO)
Tel : 0536 940067

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