jeudi, décembre 03, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls (from home-made bread)

Cinnamon Bread Rolls

For some reason I've always cheated when it comes to making Cinnamon Rolls. But since I now know a very easy way to make bread and bearing in mind that the best way to remember something we've just learnt is to practise, I have decided to make my own Cinnamon Bread Rolls from scratch.

Every time I think of putting to practise something I have just learnt, I couldn't help thinking of that day a few years go when I first learnt the German sentence for "Keep the change" : "Stimmt So!"

That evening, we had dinner in an Indian restaurant and all throughout the meal I was really impatient for the bill to come so that I may practise my new vocabulary on the waiter. He arrived with the bill, I glanced quickly at it and dropped a note on the tray. "Stimmt So!" I almost shouted. On seeing the guy's big smile, I suddenly realised that the change in question was really very generous for the meal we just had. But you see, I've forgotten almost everything in German except that.

My rolls were rustic. Hand kneaded, hand rolled and flattened etc. Not very good looking, but I live in a country house and lead a country life, nothing needs to be fine and beautiful here.

Problem with Modenese comune bread though is that it doesn't keep very well.

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Pris a dit…

Hey Serene, where are you now? Are you already in Germany?? Sorry, But I still don´t know when you´re coming to Stuttgart?