mercredi, décembre 09, 2009

Grilled Vegetables in Rice Paper Rolls

Grilled Vegetables in Rice Paper Rolls

I think I may have to stop having my purchases delivered to me because I am starting to see too much of the delivery men. Not that any of them are the handsome Italian gods one imagines Italy to be full of, or I wouldn't be complaining. But they are certainly often the lecherous Italian sort and one particularly is starting to worry me.

Once recently, he claimed that I owed him a few kisses because he had to drive to the house a few times trying to deliver the packet and I wasn't around each time. This afternoon, he told me that I was getting more beautiful each time he saw me and when I told him that he must be joking since I've put on so much weight lately, he started telling me that putting on weight suited me because...and I lost him as my Italian failed me then. Or probably my Italian knew that I'd be better off not understanding him at this point. Hub said it's good that there are men who like fat women.

Anyway, I have nothing in the fridge except a zucchini, half a red pepper and a beautiful head of salad and a few carrots that I bought in the Modena market this morning just before I had lunch at Aldina with a few ladies. But not having many options is sometimes good because that was how I ended up feeding my beloved Hub a plate of Grilled Vegetables in Rice Paper Rolls with its Nuoc Cham dipping sauce. He enjoyed it immensely.

The tighter you roll it the easier it'd be to eat it

Just grilled the sliced vegetables with salt and pepper. And wrapped them in rice paper with a lettuce leaf and some cooked mung bean vermicelli. Gave me the desire to wrap everything in rice paper this week. That good and easy.

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edith a dit…

Wow another healthy choice. I love these very much.