mercredi, décembre 02, 2009

Baby Girl Turns 7!

My Beauty in August 2009

7 years ago, at this time, I was in Paris with a burst waterbag (that happened when I was buying bread at Innoprix at Montparnasse) and trying very hard not to give birth while being driven to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, the baby's head was already visible, no labour room was available and they had to push me into an operating theatre for the birth. Hub had to join me from another lift and I really contained myself from pushing as I wanted to make sure he arrived before the baby was born.

Baby Girl is often since in such a hurry. She walked at 10 months, she could talk quite early, she can already tie her shoelaces, all her permanent teeth thus far sprouted before the milk teeth had fallen. She currently looks like a witch. Though she was the only one who was born on the day the doctor said she would, allowing us to move back to Paris from Jaén just a fortnight before she was born. In fact, MIL arrived that morning from the countryside to help look after the Teenager and I was shopping with her in preparation for my absence when the waterbag burst. I thought I was peeing in public.

Hub adored his only girl. I think most fathers prefer their daughters. He is very indulgent with her and thinks that she is the most beautiful little girl on earth. Though he's upset that I have allowed the girl to grow so plump. The doctor told me last week that at nearly 7, she had the height of an 8 and a half year-old girl and the weight of a 10 year-old girl. Oops.

She is very shy and bossy at the same time. Fond of minding other people's business. Learns fast, is a little lazy and draws very well, probably taking after her paternal grandma. She can speak both French and English quite well and understands Italian. Has been telling me that she would like to learn Chinese, but I do not really know how to go about it. She is also starting to read and enjoys sounding out words she comes across. She spends quite alot of time counting too. And I haven't been forcing any work at all on her like I would have if we were in Singapore or in France. I am happy I have decided to let her play and enjoy her childhood.

This afternoon, I am throwing her a party with her whole class at the agriturismo Il Piccolo Mugnaio. They are going to make their own bread.

Happy 7th Birthday, my Baby Girl!

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SIG a dit…

Happy birthday girl. What a wonderful party. Wish we could have been there. :) Hugs & kisses from us.

Beau Lotus a dit…

Thanks, wish you could be here too!