dimanche, décembre 06, 2009

Ristorante L Savoia, Bomporto

Seafood Pasta

This was probably one of our last dinners with DC and M since they would leave Ferrari and Italy before the end of the month. Since it would be official this week, I can now tell you that they would both be moving to the UK. Chez Lotus.

Ferrari's loss. Our loss. We would be losing a good colleague, friend and neighbour. Even the children adore them. A beautiful, kind and wonderful couple - how many times have I repeated myself? I guess the next time I go to London, I'll have to factor in a trip to Norwich and visit them as well. I love hearing DC talk. Even his words are beautiful, not just his designs.

We dined last evening at a restaurant specialising in seafood at Bomporto near Carpi. It was called L Savoia. Not easy to find, even with the GPS, Hub kept getting us lost.

Of course the waitress serving us was moonlighting there, as she works at Maserati during the day, has been doing so for the past 2 decades. When she found out who Hub was, she literally put her fingers in her mouth (maybe this meant something in Italian). Apparently she has had business with his department and knows who he is in name if not in person. Well, now she will always see in her mind the plump guy with 3 whinging kids whenever she hears his name.

It'll be better than the German Assistant who would always remember my husband all naked because they bumped into each other at the mixed sauna.

Day's Catch to choose from

The restaurant smells of fish. I told Hub this morning that I have dreamt of my mother last night taking big fish out of an aquarium and lining them up in the bathroom. He said, "You must be thinking of the fish in the restaurant."

But of course.

Mixed Seafood Grill

I had a Mixed Seafood Pasta to start (very delicate, lots of olive oil) followed by half of Hub's Mixed Seafood Grill (a little disappointed with it, never could understand why they had to add breadcrumbs to it) and half of my own Baked Rombo. That tasted just like how I've always done it myself. So why I paid 24 euros for it, I do not know.

Crema Catalan

For dessert, I had Crema Catalan which was good, but didn't look or taste like the usual Crema Catalan. Interesting.

It was a good evening and we had great company and nice food in a nice dining room. But I'm not sure I'd bother to drive all the way there to eat in this restaurant again.

Ristorante L Savoia
Via Ravarino Carpi 104/F
41030 Bomporto (MO)
Tel : 059 909855

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