lundi, décembre 07, 2009

Kitchen Disaster

The banana cake is one of my almost fail-proof cakes since I've been making it since I was 15 (Home Econs for those who have been there done that). And I wanted to get rid of those few ripe bananas that nobody for some reason wanted to eat. It was turning out really well, rising, becoming golden brown and all - and then I was on the phone with Bollywood Beauty and Hub was telling me that it was getting burnt (which it wasn't - idiot). I panicked and tried to lower the grill down one level - with one hand (other with the phone) - and of course the cake pan slid and fell on the floor. What a disaster. Cake gone as is my new cake pan.

You see, I could never talk on the phone. Have been meaning to call her for a few months now, but never found a convenient moment because of the kids. And when I finally thought I had 40 minutes to do so, it was the Hub who had to disturb me after just 15 minutes into the baking.


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SIG a dit…

Oh dear me. What a pity, for nothing. :(