dimanche, décembre 06, 2009

Bologna Motor Fair 2009

Fiat Multipla 1963 - very cute!

We are staying put during this long weekend. Too tired to contemplate going anywhere for once. So they played golf yesterday and we visited the Bologna Motor Fair today.

The ticket

Finding the parking for exhibitors was a hassle. The main entrance was far away which didn't help improve the mood. Seeing the poor excuse of an exhibition centre sapped our energy right away. Bologna is such an important city how could its exhibition centre be so ugly? How do they expect to do business in this place? It was old, dark, badly designed and impractical. They have the usual long-legged beauties for motor shows, only these girls were dressed badly (and skimpily) and looked as if they didn't know what they were doing there. Some sat in the car boots.

Ferrari stand

We made a round, all other cars pale in comparison to the Ferraris so I guess we were spoilt. I like motorcycles even lesser than I like cars so they didn't excite me either. Only time I was really interested was when I saw the vintage cars. The 1963 Fiat Multipla is a cutie as is the old 500. The old Lancia from the 1930s is a grand lady and you understand why the modern Lancia has that big metal mouth in the front.

The old Lancia

Fiat 500

In January, Italy will get a new electric car. It's very small (2-seater) but has decent boot space and no engine in front. Clean. They claimed Zero Emissions.

Electric Car

There were also cars turning round a circuit though I didn't catch what they were doing. Everywhere there were stalls selling caps and T-shirts and printed metal plates.

Cars showing off braking skills?

We found the Bologna Motor Fair boring. Wouldn't bother to go there again.

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