dimanche, décembre 13, 2009

Natale Bimbi 2009

Natale Bimbi 2009 with Massa and Badoer

Two years ago there was the circus. Last year it was the Fun Fair. This year, they have decided to give us a bit of both. The children really looked forward to Ferrari's Natale Bimbi 2009 and it was, according to them, one of the best days in their year - thus far, since we still have a few weeks to go before it comes to an end.

A few of Schumacher's Trophies

The Teenager took this picture of the FXX

This year, we were once again in the afternoon session. We started out by visiting the Galleria Ferrari as a free tour was included in the programme. A magician was at hand to make balloons for the children and those who wished to take part in a quiz could do so. As we have already visited the museum before, we made a really quick tour and left. Were supposed to collect the Babies' gifts from the company there too, but Hub forgot his badge and couldn't do so.

Circus and Fair in the Pista di Fiorano

Then we drove to the Pista di Fiorano and made our way to the party. Started out with the circus. This year, they had mainly acrobatic acts and thankfully kept out the animals except for an old elephant and hippo. The clowns were good too.

The Clowns

High Rope Act

Massa and Badoer as Santa Clauses

Then once again we were caught in the Telethon, keeping the children seated for more than an hour for less than 10 minutes of airtime on Italian TV. Massa and Badoer were present to encourage people to call a certain number and make donations. It was quite horrible for the kids, Baby Girl kept yawning on public TV and Baby Boy, not realising who Massa was, kept trying to tickle the F1 pilot (who was seated behind him). Asking these kids to sit for more than an hour waiting for who-knows-what was tough. The F1 pilots only arrived 15 minutes before air time.

And they were left with only 30 minutes to enjoy the fun fair. I really thought they were going to extend the closing time, but no, at 6pm sharp they closed everything! Honestly, we were not dying to be on Italian TV (nobody knows us), so we did our part by being part of the background of happy children from Ferrari, they could have given the poor kids at least an hour to enjoy the Fair.

The Babies in the "Safari"

On a happy note, I found myself in front of Massa as he was leaving. So I grabbed the cap from Baby Girl's head and shoved it in front of him for a signature. :-)

The pen's ink wasn't strong enough though

And the Teenager parked himself in front of the popcorn and candy floss machines. And ate pop corn and candy floss non-stop for 30 minutes.

The Babies received a Baby Foot and a Lego Pirates toy set this year. The Teenager is as usual too old for one.

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Anonyme a dit…

I agree with you! They did not have enough time to play afterwards. Next year no way that my kids are going to waste their time like that. But at least I am happy our kids were sitting next to each other having fun...until the man realised the boys were having too much fun making silly faces...

Beau Lotus a dit…

I know, I was going to scream at Baby Boy to stop doing that! Massa kept looking at me because I was hissing at the boy to stop biting his nails or turning round to tickle the pilot. I was so embarrassed.

But like you said, the boys were really happy to have each other during the wait. Yours was removed because Lai realised that they were sharing a seat and he said that everyone must have their own seat.