samedi, décembre 05, 2009

Beef and Tofu on Crispy Egg Noodles

Beef and Tofu on Crispy Egg Noodles

I ordered Crispy Noodles a few months ago at the Chinese restaurant here and was served a plate of deep-fried noodles. Thick deep fried cut-up noodles looking like murukku but not tasting like murukku. Where did those people come from?

Crispy Noodles

Cantonese Crispy Noodles are usually thin fresh egg noodles first cooked normally and then deep fried and served with a gravy made of meat or seafood stock (like Hor Fun). I like it crispy on the outside and still tender in its core. This afternoon I made myself a plate of Beef and Tofu on Crispy Egg Noodles, with home-made beef stock. The crispy noodles were gently softened by the gravy as you eat it, and the fried tofu pieces contrasted quite nicely with the tender marinated beef slices.

But only Baby Girl appreciated the dish. The men were put off by the look of the gravy. OK, I must admit I do not know how to present my dish like in the restaurant. Not too much into appearances. Between us, we finished up the whole family's share of the noodles. Yummy.

This morning I walked to the Post Office for the first time, deciding not to take the car for once. It was newly repaired, the dent and scratches that I acquired last month erased. I hate having damaged it just 2 weeks into collecting the new car. In the next 2 years, I now have less leeway to damage it again and look less like an idiot. A female driver idiot.

Repaired Car Door

But then I remember why we don't walk to the Post Office from my place. There is no pavement outside and one could get knocked down by the cars rather easily. At one point I was just metres from my gate, but couldn't help wondering if that would be all that would take to kill me. You know, so near and yet so far.

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