mercredi, décembre 02, 2009

Tofu in Sharks Fin & Dried Scallop Sauce

I know that it's no longer politically correct to eat shark's fin nowadays. Though asking a Chinese to stop eating it will almost be like asking a Japanese to stop eating tuna. I can only cut down my consumption of shark's fin drastically (in any case it's too expensive) saving it for really special occasions. And hope at the same time that fishing practices and ethics will improve, after all, shark meat is delicious - in a curry or stir-fried with salted vegetables, for example.

Shark's fin contains natural collagen that is good for the skin and its cartilage makes a lovely stock for soups and sauces. Though I wouldn't buy the belief that it helps stop cancer or reduce inflammation, that's probably more marketing than science.

Anyway, each time I go home, mom would offer me a can or 2 of ready-made shark's fin soup. I bring it back to Europe with me and look for an occasion to consume it in the next few months. And I do it when the Hub is not around so that he wouldn't nag and I thought that it would be good if the children do not pick up the need to eat shark's fin so I do not offer it to them.

This morning, I still have tofu leftover and was wondering what to do with it. I had visions of it floating in some stock and remembering my can of shark's fin soup, decided to heat it up, beat in an egg and serve it over fried tofu. Not to forget the generous dash of old black vinegar. Mmmm...The silkiness of the stock contrasted really well with the crispiness of the tofu.

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