vendredi, décembre 04, 2009

Annual Medical Check-up for the Kids

It is freezing cold today. We averaged 3-4°C and it rained non-stop. Cars coming down the mountains had snow on them. I hate winter.

I feel like hibernating, or eating cream. I have eaten 3 tubs of cream cheese and whipped cream in a week and lots of oily food. I do not feel like going out or seeing anybody. I have loads to organise but am working at a snail's pace. I hate winter.

This afternoon, I had to walk the kids to their annual medical check-up sponsored by Hub's company. In the cold, in the rain. Along the whole Fiorano test track. I hate winter.

Hub gets an annual check-up, the kids between the ages of 5 and 14 get an annual check-up, but the person who matters most (meaning me) doesn't get anything. What will Hub or the kids do when I'm sick?

The cool thing about going for the check-up though is watching a line of new bright red Ferraris driving out of the tracks as I was parking. I should be quite blasé about seeing Ferraris now, but it was difficult not to be excited about such beautiful cars driving past you in a cold, gloomy day.

Baby Boy having his heartbeat recorded

This year Baby Boy was included in the check-up for the first time (and it'll be the Teenager's last) and he was really excited about it. He charmed all the doctors with his big shiny eyes, even the grouchy eye doctor who looked as if she hated children. He had a "photo" of his heart taken and kept yelping during the allergy test. Incidentally, the Teenager is now said to be allergic to almost everything - especially dust, milk and prawns. Can you imagine that? The kid I fed oysters and prawns and oreos in milk with?

It was still raining when we got out of the check-up. The car was all fogged up and I had to drive really slowly since I couldn't see anything outside. But guess what I found outside my gate when I got back? A van delivering sunshine a packet from Singapore. I flipped when I saw the cost of the postage (YL, you're mad), but it was very nice discovering what's inside. We've almost finished the Bak Kwa by the way. Fast, ah? Thank you very much!

2 commentaires:

One Wheel a dit…

wah so fast finish ah? I thought you will freeze inside the freezer and take out to 'peng' when got craving :) Glad that everything went unchecked and arrived in one piece, was afraid the bak kwa will be checked so wrapped it to fool them :)

Beau Lotus a dit…

It was cold and we ate it like that. That was how desperate we were.

Thanks again!