lundi, février 04, 2008

Queue de Lotte (Monkfish) à la Sauce Tomate, Poivron et Ail

You know what? I didn't blog about this dish immediately and I couldn't remember exactly how I've cooked it. It was one of those days when I saw the fish (all 35 euros of it) and bought it on a whim. Then I went home, took it out, stared at it, touched it etc and proceeded to cook it, inventing the recipe as I went along.

From the look of it, it had a good amount of olive oil, garlic, herbs (e.g. dill, aneth, estragon...), tomatoes, red bell peppers, fresh chilli, probably white wine. And salt and pepper, of course. Possibly also lime or lemon juice. And I served it with white rice and biological bread. So I'll call it Lotte à la Sauce Tomate, Poivron et Ail.

Probably marinated it very quickly and then pan-fried the fish in fragrant garlic olive oil before adding in the rest of the ingredients. I vaguely remember grilling the red bell peppers in olive oil and then mixing it into a purée to be added into the sauce.

The leftover fish bones and meat (quite a bit of it), I made a Fish Soup (recipe would be similar to This) with the next day. Absolutely delicious, if I may say so.

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East Meets West Kitchen a dit…

Looks yummy! Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family! :)