mardi, février 19, 2008

Chocolate Macarons, Matcha & Red Bean Macarons, White Chocolate & Lime Macarons

Chocolate Macarons

I did more macarons and this time with not-too-smoothly chopped almonds as base. Hmm, even less smooth than with hazelnuts and many cracked (was impatient and didn't wait for them to cool before trying to separate them from the baking paper), but the Hub loved the chocolate ones. They were sinfully good.

White Chocolate and Lime Macarons

Now I will wait for berry season to do the berry macarons and I've in mind an idea that I need to test out for making salty macarons. No idea if it'll work.

Matcha and Red Bean Paste Macarons

Going to the school to attend some workshop on their Primary Years Programme (PYP). We parents have been complaining about its lack of written curriculum etc so the school felt the need to educate us and try to win us over to their teaching philosophy etc.

2 commentaires:

SIG a dit…

Wow, you have been hardworking huh? ;) I want to make macarons but it's not on my urgent to do list hahaha.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

I think macarons less work than pineapple tarts. I want to make pineapple tarts but have found no courage thus far...