mardi, février 12, 2008

Valentine Bakes : Chocolate Orange Cookies

Chocolate Orange Cookies

The kids' school's Student Council decided to raise funds with a Valentine's Day Bake Sale. As usual, mothers had to bake something and then give money to their kids to buy back the cakes and cookies. The Babies adored having their own money and paying for their cakes though. And Eldest Son had become smart for once, buying just one piece of cake and keeping the rest of the money for his piggy bank.

Since I had to bake a cake for R's Moms' Gathering (I did a Fondant au Chocolat) and was into baking Macarons too, I kept things simple and just made a batch of heart-shaped Chocolate Orange Cookies.

Only problem was that the kids liked them so much they ate them up before I could bring them to the Bake Sale. But I did still contribute as R brought my Chocolate Cake to the Sale as we had too much to eat during the gathering and didn't eat the cake.

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