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Renri - My First Abalone Yu Sheng

Abalone Yu Sheng Salad

With age I reminiscise too much for my own good. So it was with much nostalgia that I thought of my childhood picking out crackers in the Yu Sheng (Lucky Raw Fish Salad) that my dad would bring us to eat during CNY. Then I read about all the loh-hei that my dear blogger friends have been up to in the past week and was filled with envy.

So while I have been a little lazy about cooking new things lately (just dishing out well-tried favourites), I wondered if I shouldn't make myself some sort of a Yu Sheng, especially after I've read Umami's 2007 posting on her own attempt at the dish. And since she has very kindly given me tips on how to make my favourite crackers, I could find no excuse not to go ahead and do it.

It was an amazingly successful 1st attempt! I am no salad fan and quite dreaded the idea of having to actually eat my Yu Sheng if nobody else wanted it. But I ended up hoarding the dish after the 1st bite and ate it up all by myself! And I will make it even after CNY because I really like it.

The sauce's the key to the dish's success and mine tasted as far as I could remember like the ones I've had in my lost youth. I skipped the candied ginger etc as I'm not fond of preserved fruit and vegetables. The vegetables should normally be shredded really fine but I was lazy and decided to just have them julienned. But they were good.

Abalone Yu Sheng :
Shredded Carrots
Shredded Cucumber
Shredded Red Bell Pepper
Shredded Turnip, Radish etc
Grapefruit or Pomelo
Chopped Peanuts, Almonds or Pistachio Nuts
Grilled Sesame Seeds
Abalone slices
Coriander leaves
Flour Crackers

The Sauce :
Plum Sauce
Kumquat Paste (didn't use it)
Rice Vinegar
Sesame Oil
Grapefruit Juice
5 Spice Powder
Grated Ginger or Ginger Powder
Olive or Vegetable Oil

One is supposed to compose the salad in stages and mutter the appropriate lucky sayings appropriate to the ingredient(s) in question. For example, when you add in the fish you say niannian youyu, when you add in the carrots hongyun dangtou, mix in the crackers (looking like gold ingots) you say piandi huangjin etc.

With the crackers

The crackers I made them with flour, olive oil, water, salt and sugar.

Gonghei Fattchoy

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SIG a dit…

Congrats! Well done. Did nobody else eat it?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Nope, Hub doesn't like abalone and the kids only like salad done the very French way. But just as well as I really loved it and ate it up myself happily.