vendredi, février 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Dinner - Paddock

Pumpkin Mousse with Fried Shredded Vegetables, Balsamic Vinegar

When I met the Hub, he actually told me when our first Valentine's Day was approaching that his Brit ex-girlfriend and himself were NOT into the occasion etc. I could respect their mutual distaste for the commercial nature of the day in question, but on the other hand, what had that got to do with me and our newly-formed couple?

Needless to say I have quite gotten into the habit of not thinking about Valentine's Day at all and when I did, it would often bring a smirk to my face. You know what they say, you love someone all year round and not just on V Day etc. Save the roses, they do tend to cost ridiculously expensive on this day.

However on V Day this year, with the Hub and myself having gotten quite used to communicating mostly via email and sms over the past 2-3 years (because Monsieur is very busy and is often in meetings and couldn't talk), the idea came to me quite suddenly to email him and tell him that I love him. Didn't cost anything - literally.

Being very busy he must have quite forgotten that he never ever celebrates the occasion and he actually replied by proposing that we dine out with the kids that very evening! He actually reserved a table (as a surprise) and came home early to bring us out. Chickens will fly.

And not any table, mind you, but at the Paddock. Ferrari's preferred business entertainment dining venue.

Hub had been telling me about the restaurant for some time now. It is housed in a restored farmhouse not unlike ours and is owned by the guy who sent us the San Daniele leg of ham for x'mas. Apparently the meat and seafood dishes were good as was the wine and service. Not cheap of course.

Gnocci in Cream of Parmesan Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar

On V Day however they only served a V Day menu (46 euros per head excluding drinks) and it contained no fish. Maybe meat is more carnal and deserved better mention on this day. We all had to eat a 4-course dinner and I was bursting before the end. We had so much meat (grilled Fiorentino, fillet and entrecôte beef plus grilled lamb chops) I started feeling like having a salad for once.

Part of the Grilled Meats

But the food was good (but almost always the same everywhere in this country) as was the wine. And we had attentive service especially as they knew who the Hub was. The kids behaved reasonably well and they too had eaten too much meat. Getting hyper.

Irish Coffee and Pineapple and Brioche Bun (so-so, dessert's not their thing)

At the next table you see 3 couples and 3 identical long roses leaning against the wall. And they were seated 3 women together opposite the 3 men. Group Valentine celebration. And thank God the restaurant didn't give out roses to the ladies, I would have been quite embarrassed, I'm not a very cut-flower sort of girl. Would feel like an idiot actually walking around with a very long rose. Give me sweets or jewellery any time, man.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Viale Terra delle Rosse 1
Pozza di Maranello
Tel : 053 6073307

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SIG a dit…

Hahaha, wonderful. So it seems both our hubbies came to their senses huh? We never celebrate V-day too, just don't know what came over him this time. ;) Glad you all had fun. Gosh I hate that rose bit too. Once when babe was young I don't know what he went out to do and came back with a rose and got scolding. Who benefits? The person who sells them! I think it's madness to pay an arm n a leg.

BibouMummy a dit…

Wahhhhhhhhhhhh. so romantic. Yeah, my DH is just like yours... feels that V Day is just a 'Hallmark' creation and wouldn't buy anything or celebrate it (but than again, he doesn't like to celebrate b'days, anniversaries etc, sigh). This year, didn't even have a nice dinner at home (normally he would relent and make a snice dinner) - instead we had horrible take out! Had to work late that night - on MESSAGE stuff (volunteer stuff). so sad!!!

daphne a dit…

awwwww..that is so sweet of him!!! Bet it must be more meaningful to celebrate with the whole family-afterall, that is where love starts!