mercredi, février 13, 2008

Moms' Gathering at R's


R as Grades 5/6 Representative had the great idea of organising a lunch at her place to welcome 2 new mothers. She had her Sri Lankan maid churn out a full Indian meal and we ate like pigs of course.

Conversation flowed, from criticism of the new teacher to praise for the Principal and since I'm no party animal (I'm a tête-à-tête kind of girl), I started feeling quite tired trying to follow the conversation(s) and contribute occasionally myself.

Chicken Curry

Great thing about private schools is that we have so much more access to the school and its staff, but poor teachers and Principal, having us mothers on their backs all the time.


R lives up in the mountains in Serramazzoni (where the Italians have their holiday homes) and it's beautiful up there. Though it must be a pain going up and down the way she has to on a daily basis, I was having a headache along the way...


Sigh and so much effort she had put in to receive us, with nice tableware etc. Not like chez moi where it's just Ikea and badly-washed cutlery and often chiped plates. I'm feeling pre-embarrassed as we've invited R's family over for lunch on Sunday...

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Anonyme a dit…

I spot hearty Indian meal here. Yummy! I loved the 'hoppers' which we called Appom back home, eaten with grated coconut & brown sugar. Lucky u :)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Su, that was what I told R too, that back home we eat them with grated coconut and brown sugar!