lundi, février 18, 2008

Madras Beef Curry

Beef Madras

I bought some beef cut into cubes the other day and was thinking of making a Beef with Carrots. Then I had a craving for curry and made a Beef Madras instead. There is no one recipe for this Southern Indian curry dish, but generally it is quite hot and will have an acidic taste to it coming from the use of tomatoes.

Beef for braising
Vegetable Oil
Garlic paste
Ginger paste
Fresh Green Chilli
Ground Coriander
Ground Turmeric
Ground Cumin
Ground Chilli
Ground Paprika
Ground Fenugreek
Fennel Seeds
Mustard Seeds
Onion Seeds
Curry Leaves
Meat Stock
Chopped Tomatoes (1/2 can - one can I find is too much)
Garam Masala
Coriander Leaves
Salt and Pepper

This curry takes a few hours to cook if you want the beef to melt in the mouth. I started cooking it the evening before so that it would taste even better the next day. Served it with a simple not-oily Butter Spiced Rice. The Hub and the Babies ate it all up at dinner spoiling my plans to have some of it the next day for lunch.

Butter Spiced Rice

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