samedi, février 23, 2008

More Recent Eats and the Peace Award

Without the Singairishgirl and other equally sweet and thoughtful bloggers I would probably never see the shadow of any blog award since I'm the anti-social sort. The latest one she passed my way is this Peace Award. Not in the mood for cheem thoughts ("Peace, babe!"), suffice to say that I dig this award for its very sassy palm and baba-cool look. And peace's certainly what I need, what with full days facing screaming kids, nagging Hub, complaining teachers, itchy-fingered cleaning lady etc...

I've been cooking mostly the usual stuff, the most satisfying of the last few days being this smelly Sambal Green Bean and Okra. The kids complained that the house was very smelly though Baby Girl took her courage in her hands and tried some of it, actually liking it in spite of her nose. I ate it over 2 days just with plain white rice. So shiok...

Sambal Green Bean and Okra

Then a number of curries many of whom were the more acidic sort as I wanted to experiment with the use of white wine vinegar.

Bombay Chicken Curry

I would like to pass on the Peace Award (and the love, zen etc) to :

  1. Frau Loke
  2. Umami
  3. Bella Tigra
  4. Playing with My Food
  5. Life in Germany
  6. Pris

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Frau Loke, is that referring to me? Anyway, peace to you and yours!

SIG a dit…

Oh hehe, finally cooked something smelly. Did the hubs complain? Oh wow, that was brave of baby girl to try it. Did she like?

chicchicbaby a dit…

How is it that with limited ingredients, you can still cook and make our local dishes look so desirable? Am I lazy or what, looks like I need to get my bum off this chair and get work in the kitchen. No excuses when everything is avail. Ps, your curries look good esp Beef Madras, I never have luck with beef, always too tough.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Umami, wish I had the courage to give you awards, don't want you to laugh at me and say I'm so childish leh (sheepish grin). If you give me official permission, I'll dare to do it in the future! And no, this Frau Loke is not you, I wouldn't advertise your name in public!!! It's a Singaporean friend living in Germany and she has no blog.

D, Baby Girl liked it though kept telling me it was smelly.

Chic, beef must cook for hours (e.g. 3-4) but simmer, not boil or it'll turn tough no matter how long you cook it.

daphne a dit…

oh! Sambal beans. Thanks for the idea for tonight's dinner! Nice nice!