mercredi, février 27, 2008

Activities with the School Moms

Breakfast Spread

A German mom whose Hub works for Lamborghini had the great idea of organising a weekly walk in the woods. I am no exercise freak but I do know how to walk. I'm a city girl after all. And I welcome any opportunity to burn some calories seeing that I have too many of them.

Our 1st walk yesterday saw 5 ladies turning up. It was a nice outing, us gals gossiping along the way, time passed without us even noticing it. But I accidentally found out during this walk that one of the nicest Italian mothers whom I really like has breast cancer. Dampened the spirits a little.

The next day, I gave breakfast at home for a few mothers whom I've little occasion normally to meet (e.g. not Francophone, not Asian, no children in my kids' classes...) but whose company I know I'll enjoy. They included C (the Swedish mom who introduced Irina to me) and M (German mom who was a great help at last year's Christmas Fair). And G was there for the simple pleasure of having her company, we could be doing quite a bit of stuff together in the next few months. R and Rb (the new PTA President) desisted at the last minute (their kids were ill) and L had to fly to England (last minute too) to deal with her property.

I baked a Chocolate Cake, made Crepes, Andalousian Tomato & Garlic Toasts, bought German-style salty Croissants to go with ham and cheese, made a Fruit Salad. We had a most pleasant time, I'll certainly host a few other breakfast mornings before the end of the school year. And next Wednesday - Francophone Lunch.

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