vendredi, février 29, 2008

Egg Murghlai and Rice with Spinach

Egg Murghlai

If you grew up watching Popeye you'll know that spinach is very good for you and that you should eat it more often. I liked it when my mother cooked it in one of our Chinese soups and also when she stir-fried it with prawns. In Europe, I also like it served with butter, eaten raw in salads, fried or boiled with garlic and olive oil.

Occasionally I also like it Indian style though wherever possible without the cheese.

The other day, I decided to cook my Spinach with Rice and it was a good idea because Baby Girl eyed the green bits with suspicion but when she smelt the rice, exclaimed, "Mom, it smells so good!" And proceeded to gobble it up with a generous helping of Egg Murghlai.

Rice with Spinach

What makes the rice so fragrant? Just some oil, finely-chopped onions, a good tsp of garam masala, salt, chopped fresh spinach and rice.

The saffron, tomato and yoghurt-based Egg Murghlai goes well with children in general though you may need to remove the whole spices (e.g. cardamom seeds, cloves, cinnamon bark...) before serving if you do not want to turn them off the curry. My kids love hard-boiled eggs so I'm always looking for different ways to feed them that without boring myself.

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