mercredi, février 20, 2008

Choco-Almond Meringues

Choco-Almond Meringues

I cannot claim that these are French Meringues since I didn't bake them at low heat for a long time and they are not Italian Meringues either since I didn't make them with cooked sugar/caramel. And neither are they Swiss Meringues since I didn't whip up the egg whites in a bain-marie...

My Choco-Almond Meringues were made very quickly, just 15 minutes in a 150ºC oven. Make them as you would the macarons, only you have to make sure that the egg whites are beaten till really stiff and will remain stiff even as you pipe them out. Pipe them out as you wish on baking paper and then bake them.

They are of course not as pretty as the usual French Meringues (idea of baking them for a long time over low heat is to prevent discoloration), but they were yummy and not good for the blood.

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SIG a dit…

Who cares if they are pretty once they are yummy. Anyway it's homebaked that's all that matters isn't it? Give me some any day. :) They look really nice I love the shade on them.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

They were actually really good. The Hub took one look and grimaced but I said, try one and he did and then he couldn't stop.