jeudi, février 14, 2008

Tagged & Friendship Ball

It is always such a nice feeling being in the thoughts of people whom you admire (though you've never met them and vice versa). I was tagged for the following Meme by Precious Moments and was passed the Friendship Ball by both Precious Moments and Playing with My Food.

One thing I treasure about our food blogging community is the fact that we could learn so much every day from ordinary people like you and me, no need to be rich and famous, just being oneself and being sincere and making friends along the way. Thank you very much ladies!

The Meme is quite a pain though as there are no guidelines and you have to come up with 5 things about yourself out of thin air. Just made me realise that I haven't been thinking much about myself lately and is thus labouring to tell you about moi.

From my understanding, I am supposed to list down 5 facts about myself and then tag 5 other people. Then these 5 other people post 5 facts about themselves on their blog and link back to me.

5 facts about yo:

  1. I think stupidity is a crime punishable by torture. So I can be fat, ugly and poor, just don't let me be stupid, please.

  2. I am very lazy. No, I am not a sucker for short cuts, I'm too kiasi for that. But if I think that I can't do something properly immediately, I'll put it off to another day. Isn't that procrastination? But somehow it's not the same.

  3. I love my family. Be it my parents, brother and sister, or my hubby and 3 monsters. Still, sometimes I do wonder if I shouldn't also live for ME and not just for my family.

  4. I am a compulsive buyer. Should have studied Purchasing and not Political Science. I love a good bargain (but not a cheap one) and will dig if I have to for it. Any excuse to buy something is a good one.

  5. I hate housekeeping. Not that I like to live in and with dirt. But I am not a hygiene freak and will not go all out to clean up. I'd go all out to keep it clean (aka from getting dirty)though. People often ask Beau how she keeps her skin so nice. I wasn't mocking them when I answered, "Wash it a minimum."

I'm going to pass both the Meme and the Friendship Ball to the following friends :

  1. Bibou's Mom
  2. Sayadis
  3. I Quote
  4. Pris
  5. Extralicious

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One Wheel a dit…

Wow, thanks, very honoured to be tagged but the "wheel" has been rusty, havent moved since Nov, hope to do something about it soon :) Btw, I saw your post on mrbrown blog the other day, the one about singlish. I've become an avid reader of your blog, more often that I update mine :)