dimanche, février 17, 2008

Onglet (Hanger Steak) à l'Échalotte

Onglet à l'échalot

This is one cut of the Beef (together with the Bavette or Flap Steak) that I've missed alot since we left France. It's actually a usually cheap cut (not so nowadays since the arrival of the Euro) of the meat compared to the sirloin or the rib, but when beautifully cut and cooked, is absolutely delicious and worth more than what you would pay for it.

Each animal will usually have only one hanger steak. As it is found near the kidneys, it may even have a lingering taste of the organs. This part of the beef is best eaten rare (or it'll be too tough) and must be cooked quickly over high heat to preserve its great flavour.

Haven't found it in Stuttgart and until last month had not even seen it in Emilia Romagna. Then at just one butcher in the wet market in Modena, I came across the cut and it is known as the lombatello in Italian.

I left it to the Hub to prepare the meat. Hot grill, olive oil, salt and pepper. And a wonderful Red Wine Shallot and Butter Sauce to go with it. Heavenly!

PS : If you're interested, check out this meat chart for the different cuts.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hey there! Somehow stumble upon ur blog (wonderful search engine called Goggle..)
I'm Singaporean, living in Stuttgart and I love to cook as well! :)
Would you be interested to be part of a cooking group? I am trying at the moment (without much success so far :P) to set up something along those lines here in stuttgart :)

SIG a dit…

Wah you are very licky ah, got hub who can cook. Sigh. Eh, you are in Stuttgart meh? Not Modena ah? Sorry ah, me geography is lousy. Ai, if only I can go Germany too this trip but already too costly.

SIG a dit…

Oops sorry I meant lucky ;P fingers too fast.

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

D, my Hub is a fantastic cook and can cook almost anything. Only prob is that he doesn't have much time to cook (for the last few years) and he tends to make a mess of the kitchen when he does :-).

Serene, pity to have missed you! I left Stuttgart last July and am now living in Modena, Italy. It would have been wonderful being able to cook together. But there are still a number of Singaporeans/Malaysians in Stuttgart, try to contact Priscilla Tews.