lundi, mars 03, 2008

Flood at 1am

Woke up at 1 am this morning with the impression that there was water flowing in the house. I wasn't wrong, the bathroom next to my bedroom was dripping water from the ceiling and the floor was flooded. I screamed for the Hub (who was snoring away) and was scolded for shouting and waking him up from his beauty sleep. Would you not scream if it rains in your bathroom? And what was there to explain calmly about? Nobody explained anything to me either, water leaking from the ceiling is a visual thing.

When I thought that he should have been grateful to me for being such a light sleeper...

We went to the 2nd floor and found the bathroom there flooded as well. Hot water and steam was spraying out of the boiler. I went down to the living room on the ground floor and found the furniture and wires of the Plasma etc soaking in water. What a nightmare.

Got scolded again for not helping with the drying up, but I was busy trying to find containers to hold the dripping water. And then of course I realised that this catastrophe could only have happened because the Hub had not turned off the tap properly when he went to adjust the water pressure in the boiler! And so why was I getting scolded when I should be doing the scolding?

Water had also flowed to the storeroom next to the bathroom and all my shoes are now wet. Not to forget my summer clothes, clean bedsheets contained in cardboard boxes, presents bought in advance for birthdays, toys, boxes of photographs...

I spent the night drying up, the morning hanging out all the towels etc to dry and now I wonder where to start to clear out the mess in my storeroom.

And to upset me further, Irina just left and I was quite sure that I've paid her 10 bucks too much, but this is the kind of thing that's not easy to prove, so let that be another lesson to me.

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SIG a dit…

Oh gosh, poor girl. Let me give you a hug. I'd be screaming and cursing too if I were in your shoes. Oh god, I hope not many stuff were ruined.

Anonyme a dit…

What a nightmare! Here's sending you a virtual hug and wishing you lots of luck and patience.

Chef Jeena a dit…

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Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

D and Umami, thank you very much for your hugs and sympathy, that's really sweet of you gals. I'll have to throw out all the wet boxes and maybe replace them with plastic ones. The ruined stuff, well, at the end of the day, I can possibly live without most of my stuff, or at least that's what I've been telling myself for the past few hours...:-)

Jeena, wow you're one active cook! I can barely keep up with my own blog, I wonder if I'll have the time to exchange in a forum...But thanks for having thought of me and for letting me know. I'll check it out when I can!

chicchicbaby a dit…

Oh dear, what a nightmare (that came true), hope everything is cleared now, I wont enjoy the cleaning up part either. As for men, louder voice wins.

BibouMummy a dit…

oh no! You poor poor thing. Next time scold S back! Aiyoh, if we were nearby, I would send C over. He's really good at that (in fact, I can see what would happen if this occured chez nous... I'd be the one screaming and failing my arms about, while he'd be running around getting things organized, mopped, cleaned AND fixed the boiler!!).

Definately get those plastic stackable, with lids bins. We have tons of them and place everything in them. And they stack up very well, plus they are transparent(ish) so you can tell what's in them when you really need to get something.

Good luck and here's a BIIIIIIIIG virtual hug for you <<<<<<>>>>>>>

Rachel a dit…

Oh dear!! I would have gone ballistic. Hope it's all dry and done now?

daphne a dit…

oh babe!What a mess u have woken up to!I will be screaming (and possibly waking the whole neighborhood up) as well.
OH dear.. all those stuff as well! =( Any insurance to help out?