vendredi, mars 14, 2008

Asian Ladies Pot Luck

Fruit Tart

I had a most wonderful time today. It started out cold and foggy but then the sky cleared and the ladies arrived. It was my own Bollywood beauty R who suggested that we do this Asian Ladies' Gathering and always ready to adopt a good idea, I've taken her on it. Took us a few weeks to organise and we certainly didn't want to cancel it even though we found out only last week that our sons would have their class presentation this afternoon. Will have to rush.

I've met A and P briefly at the Christmas Fair and have always wanted to meet them again. Not easy since they rarely come to the school. But better late than never, with R and CL's help in providing the taxi service, 3 months later I finally have the honour of hosting this lunch and having them at my Ikea dining table.

The only dark cloud in the horizon of course was my diet. CL brought her Hub's famous Chicken Curry, P did us Egg Curry (I love Egg Curry) and Vegetable Rice, A a Mixed Dal Vada and a lovely sweet Semolina. R, believe it or not, left home without her Veg Sambal but more than made up for it with her Fruit Tart. I contributed Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls (frozen from Lidl), my Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Prawn version), an Okra Sambal, Spiced Rice and Chocolate Cake.

I had intended to be a gracious hostess, sipping tea daintily and making gentle conversation. But of course as usual I forgot myself and was blabbing away in no time. Hope I didn't frighten my lovely guests. Pity Sh couldn't make it, she had work to finish for the school (active volunteer) and felt that she had to give our gathering a miss as such.

We hope to make this gathering a regular affair. The next time it'd probably be an Indian cooking lesson with A or P. Isn't it great when one gets to learn, socialise and eat all at the same time?

The trees are starting to blossom...

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SIG a dit…

Wow, a wonderful feast. What is egg curry like? No close up picture?

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Nope, too busy eating. Egg curry is hard boiled eggs in curry lor.