lundi, mars 31, 2008

Police Visit

Came back home after driving R's boy to his tennis class and was greeted with news that the Police was here during my absence. Shucks, I'm not living in Germany with nosy neighbours, how did they know that I've left the kids home alone?

Eldest Son apparently had a chicken and duck conversation with them and what he figured out was that they wanted to know if Baby Girl would be going to Elementary School in September. You see, she's definitely of the age to attend Primary One! It (still) breaks my heart to know that she would still be in Pre-School come September...

Anyway, since the boy didn't listen to me and change out of his school uniform, he was able to point to his school shirt and tell them that they are all attending the ISM in Montale. I wonder if they would be satisfied with the answer.

And I also wonder if I shouldn't have done something about the letter inviting me to register Baby Girl for Primary One. I still have it somewhere but it must be covered with drawings of butterflies and flowers since I last saw it with Baby Girl aka Budding Artist.

(PS : The cartoon policeman looked quite like my ski instructor hee hee)

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Pris a dit…

hey S. This is so weird! Why wld the police come to check if yr girl is going to school? Is it illegal if one doesn´t? the pix of the policeman was quite funny though...hahahha....yr skiing photos r lovely...wld love to learn skiing too. I skiied once only-4 yrs ago in Montreal. Needless to say, I only dared to ski on the Barney hill - "idiot´s hill".

Anonyme a dit…

Yes, tuition IS compulsory in Italy and no home schooling is allowed by law. So ask the school your children are attending to send a fax to public school informing them that your daughter is attending grade 1 there. (PS grade 1 is no pre-school. it is an actual elementary class.)

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Anonymous, thanks for visiting :-).

Yes, I figure that schooling being compulsory here in Italy they probably do check on you when you failed to register your child with a public school. Though I didn't expect the Police to visit, surely a simple letter of reminder with an attached reply slip would do.

Meanwhile, Grade 1 is Pre-school if you are from a 5-year elementary school system like in France and Italy. My children's school has a 6-year elementary school system.

Nonetheless, that's not really important now. What's more exciting is being visited by the Police - without ahem having committed any crime, of course

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Pris, the next time you ski, join a class and you'll do great in just a few lessons. I'm just too old for it.