vendredi, mars 14, 2008

Grade 5/6 Presentation

Do not say that Lotus only knows how to complain or criticise. When there is praise to be made and it is FOC, she would be rushing forward to give out the honours.

We hurried all the lovely ladies out of the house at 5 minutes to 2 so that we could rush to the school on time. The sun was shining brightly, our stomachs were full and for once we were on time.

We settled down for the performance. Yes, a performance to be given by the children in Grades 5 and 6. Their last Unit of Enquiry was titled "Music, Words and Movement can be combined to express Emotions". So they cheorographed, composed, emotioned and danced their way away for 30 minutes for us. Very good performance. Eldest Son apparently taught the class how to dance the Macarena after learning it from a video on YouTube. And for once he paid attention to whatever he needed to do and didn't drift off to Dreamland.

"I want to break free"

Both the parents and children had a great time. I must say that the teacher did a great job, it being not easy to go out of the usual Curriculum to co-ordinate a Unit like this. Probably easier teaching Shakespeare to Pre-schoolers.

And for the parents, it's stress-free though I did occasionally wonder in the last few weeks why the boy was going round the house wriggling his body and shaking his backside all the time. To think that in the presentations he had to make in his previous schools, I was nervous having to worry about whether he would remember his lines (in different languages) in complicated Poetry Recitals, Tongue Twisters etc. Poetries I think he couldn't remember a line of since. (Neither could I)

This is the PYP Programme. Developing one's confidence, presentation skills, learning through fun etc. The kids learn how to take the lead, work in a group, co-ordinate etc etc. Though slap me, I was still hoping that they'd manage to squeeze in some really tough, useless and boring stuff like History of Music or African Tribal Music Traditions or something. Just for the fun of it. I am so sadistic.

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Great job!

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