mercredi, mars 05, 2008

Francophone Mothers' Lunch

Getting ready for the Vietnamese Crepes

The English Ladies in Ferrari or at school apparently keep pretty much to themselves when it comes to festive gatherings so the French(-speaking, as there are more francophones than French at the moment) ladies decided to do their own thing en réplique.

Interesting enough, the number of French-speaking families seem to have increased in the past few months and from coffee mornings we have since moved on to lunch. We had 2 new faces : M (French married to an Englishman) and L (French Syrian married to a Catalan). Having waited for a while (in vain) for somebody to host the last meeting, I decided to volunteer myself.

So this morning, starting from 9am, I started to prepare lunch for 8 people (R, F, G, M, a little guest of F's, L, myself and my dear Hub who turned up impromptu to make sure that I was not entertaining my lover after all). The theme was "Coconut Milk".

Started with Vietnamese Crepes, followed by a Singapore Chicken Curry (I recommend the Prima Taste Mix) with Butter Rice. For dessert I made Sago in Coconut Milk and Pandan Leaf which didn't go too well with most of the guests as they were just not used to the taste and texture. Suited me quite well as I gobbled up the whole pot myself later on. I also had Almond Jelly with Longans in the fridge but decided to keep it for the Babies as they love it.

Singapore Chicken Curry

R came late as she was stuck up in the mountains no thanks to the snow. But it was gratifying seeing her struggle a little with the to eat or not to eat dilemma (hanging around Lotus = extra kilos) and finally giving in. Feeding family and friends is part of my reason for existence nowadays, so it would have broken my heart if she didn't at least try something. LOL

It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours, we are all more or less in the same soup so we were happy to find kindred souls who understand our pathetic existence in this ulu (backward) part of the world. It's of course also very different when you are with the French, the English, Swedish, Germans, Indians etc, so I count myself fortunate to be able to experience being with all these different groups of people. It's not easy being Singaporean, we are so neither here nor there and over here you can count us on one hand, so to belong or not to belong is a thin line. You draw it yourself and decide which side you want to be on.

Next Friday - Asian Mothers' Pot Luck.

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Darnius a dit…

Hi "Lotus", a quick word to say thank you very much(although late) for the delicious lunch and gathering you offered at the beginning of March. I have been meaning to organise one myself but my kids have been constantly (and pretty seriously) ill ever since. (I cannot tell you how mad these Italian doctors drive me...).
I love reading you, really. It stimulates thinking and inspires for more debate.
I am going back to Monaco for Easter and hopefully back for the beginning of April when hopefully the warm weather will spare my two young kids from another session of antibiotics. And hopefully by then I'll be able to start a somehow "social life" again and see you ladies again around a middle eastern meal.
En te saluant chaleureusement, Line

Beau Lotus 涟 a dit…

Hi L, thank you so much for visiting and for your word of encouragement.

I've had great fun having all of you too! And will be looking forward to your Middle Eastern meal (yum in advance).

I am sorry to hear about the kids. I've given up bringing mine to the doctor here and usually try to treat them myself (i.e. just treating the symptoms). I'm not too hot on antibiotics. But I'm lucky (touch wood) that they seem to be pretty fine most of the time and hopefully they'll remain like that.

I've told G sometime back that she should pass me your email address so that I may arrange to bring your Filippina friend to buy her Filippino stuff. Contact me again when you return from Monaco.

Really happy to have met you and thanks for the lovely flowers again.